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PRESS RELEASE: HACCOF Decries the insults leveled by President Trump at Haiti and Haitians, El Salvador, and African Countries

Miami, Florida – January 14, 2018 – Haiti has suffered from major natural disasters and political instability, but it is a country of proud and hard-working people. Haitians take great pride in their history as the first Black republic, in their internationally recognized art and culture, and in the myriad members of the Haitian diaspora who work hard and achieve at the highest levels. Represented in every profession, Haitian Americans proudly serve in the US military, have achieved great success in business, and are engaged in every field of endeavor in this country.
As a Chamber, we promote Haitian-American business and engage the entire Florida community to bring greater economic prosperity throughout Florida and to our members. Thankfully, we have been able to collaborate with people of all races and ethnicities in the community without being subject to overt racism. We hope this will continue in spite of the disparaging language used by President Trump to describe Haiti and its people.

Even if we are unable to change the President’s opinion, we want him to note that we decry his insults and ask that he refrain from further singling out Haiti and Haitians for negative treatment in future comments. We also ask that Haitians not be removed from positive consideration in any solution that seeks relief for immigrants who have been living here legally with DACA and/or TPS. Haitians should not be “taken out” solely because they do not appeal to the President as the most desirable immigrant group. In spite of the negative comments, Haitian-Americans are great contributors to the “United” States of America.

The membership of the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida Inc. includes Haitian-American businesses and other businesses doing business with or are interested in doing business with the Haitian-American community.

Established in February 2005, the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) serves as a resource for its members, partners and businesses, dedicated to serving their needs and the economic development of the broader Haitian-American community. The Chamber promotes partnerships and alliances within communities throughout Florida and Haiti to build healthy business climates, foster investment opportunities, create employment growth, and encourage public and private sector collaboration.
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