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Press Release: March 20, 2017

Press Release: The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida will recognize the Top 20 under 40 Young Haitian-American emerging as leaders withing their perspective fields.

Miami, FL, March 20, 2017
In celebration of significant professional contributions passed on to a vast and diverse group of emerging young leaders, on June 17, 2017, the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) will recognize the top 20 under 40 Haitian Young Professionals (YoPros) spanning in the areas of Law, Business, Education and Health, to name a few.
The 2nd Annual Top “20 Under 40” award will honor Haitian American YoPros in the South Florida community, age 40 and under, for their commitment and contributions both professionally, civically, academically and personally. As a community of vibrant, energetic, creative and out-of-the box thinkers, YoPros are an expression of culture and pride throughout the Haitian community; whether it is through the art of Media or Politics, Medicine or Social Entrepreneurship, Research or Sports. So join us in honoring our future giants, as we all stand on the shoulders of those before us. Nominate someone or apply on your behalf today. Applications must be submitted by March 31st, 2017. You can apply online at:
For additional information, please contact Joann Milord at
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John Maxwell
Established in February 2005, the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) serves as a resource for its members, partners and businesses, dedicated to serving their needs and the economic development of the broader Haitian-American community. The Chamber p romotes partnerships and alliances within communities throughout Florida and Haiti to build healthy business climates, foster investment opportunities, create employment growth, and encourage public and private sector collaboration.

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