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Black residents in Miami-Dade want to participate fully in its economic prosperity | Opinion

Miami-Dade Corrections’ hosted a jobs fair in 2018. MIAMI-DADE CORRECTIONS

Our beloved Miami-Dade County is celebrated globally as a vibrant community rich in diversity. The term “community” has many nuanced meanings. Two that stand out are “a group of people living together” and “the condition of sharing certain attitudes and interests in common.”

The first definition is a trivial observation. The second is an aspirational goal that Miami-Dade has pursued since its founding. The Black community has contributed significantly to the creation of modern Miami-Dade. Some of us are fiercely loyal natives and others are proud immigrants. Together, we represent one out of every five residents in this county. Still, many issues that hurt the black community never become priorities for our government or larger community agenda……[READ  MORE]


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