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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Caroline Hage Rouzeau


Growing up in Haiti, Caroline Hage Rouzeau had always wanted to be a doctor. When she was twenty-two years old, her father died, and the fabric of her family was frayed. Out of that tragedy, however, she found meaning
—and the true passion to not only become a doctor, but develop a
comprehensive vision for who she was and what she wanted to accomplish.

That passion took Caroline further than she ever imagined. Not only did she succeed in becoming a doctor, but through persistence and self confidence in spite of great adversity, she obtained a medical residency in the United States—a rare accomplishment for someone with a foreign medical degree and without US residency.

As Chief Resident of Northwell Family Medicine residency program; her leadership continues to be a model for others. At Family Health Centers of Southwest Florida, Caroline is responsible for economically disadvantaged patients. Her objective is always to provide premium-quality medical care with the respect and attention each person deserves, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Caroline is equally devoted to her personal life: she is the mother of three children, maintains an active involvement in the Haitian American Coalition of South Florida, and continues to work toward her future goals as a member of the community: promoting fitness and good nutrition, counseling the youth, and further developing her voice through writing and publications.

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