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Christalie Windsor

Daughter and granddaughter of two renowned Haitian women of the media, Christalie (Parisot) Windsor has been in the public eye since childhood and, today, holds over 20 years of experience in the media.

At the age of seven, Christalie co-hosted a Live children’s radio show in Haiti. She then relocated to the United States, and as a teenager, became a TV show host on HTN, the first 24-hour Haitian TV in the United States, where she had the opportunity to meet and interview many international personalities. In her twenties, she hosted the first Haitian Creole News TV show Broadcasted on NBC’s Network in the United States, and on Tropik Network across the Caribbean islands.

Christalie Windsor earned, with Highest Honors, a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, TV, and Digital Production and a Master’s Degree in Television Management. She has also received training in London, from CNN and BBC.

She partners at Imaginart Media Productions, a marketing and production company known for serving and supporting Haitian / Caribbean American communities and their media.

Christalie is currently the CEO Executive Assistant of Island TV, a Haitian / Caribbean TV Network in the United States. She is responsible for Island TV’s transformation into a modern and progressive television by revamping its branding and expanding the network’s reach with the development of new digital platforms.