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Dr. Daniella Lamour

Lamour, Dr. Daniella

Dr. Daniella Lamour is a 28-year-old Haitian American Emergency Physician from Miami. Daniella obtained her High School Diploma and Associates in Arts degree at 18 years old, graduating with a 6.693 GPA from the School for Advanced Studies. She attended FIU Honors College with a full Academic Scholarship. While at FIU, she was awarded eight additional scholarships, earned 3,000 community hours and graduated Magnum Cum Laude at 20 years old.


Dr. Lamour went to Medical School in South Carolina and was elected to many leadership positions including President of the Student National Medical Association and Class Tutor. She also authored/presented five scientific poster presentations and was awarded many honors including the William Anderson Scholarship. She graduated medical school with a 3.7 GPA and matched into her first choice for residency, FAU Emergency Medicine.


As a young, front-line physician in the ER during the COVID pandemic, Dr. Lamour’s experience was featured on WPTV news, which won the Edward R Morrow Award. She conducted original research n COVID-19 titled Successful Treatment of COVID-19 with Monoclonal Antibody Therapy: A Patient Survey, which won first place at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly, with anticipated Journal Publication. She also published an ultrasound image in the Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal, titled Young Patient After Drowning. She is now a third-year resident physician, serving on the Stroke Leadership Committee, College of Medicine Admissions Committee, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Performance Dispute Resolution Committee, and is applying to an Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship.

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