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Martine Gordon

Gordon, Martine

Martine Gordon was born in Liberty City, FL. She is the daughter of Rico and Louisita Saint Fleur and the eldest of 4 siblings. Gordon’s parents are immigrants who moved to Miami for a better life. However, life became more difficult for them, and they had to depend on the “system” for the upkeep of their family. The need to work for a better future was influenced by her mother, who worked so hard to provide for them. Thus, she aspired to be a lawyer, although her dreams were shuttered after giving birth to a premature baby girl at 24 weeks. This became a turning point; she shifted her career preference to healthcare.

Despite the challenges she experienced, she has managed to achieve much in her career and life. For instance, she was appointed the Historian of the Kiskeya Club while at Palm Beach State College, among many others. In addition, she received various awards, such as the Volunteer of the Month award at Vita’s Innovative Hospice, the prize for President’s Volunteer Service at Miami Dade College in 2015, just to mention a few. She is Martine Gordon, BSN, RN, a proud mother of two, a faithful servant of God, a woman of courage, and an advocate for Autism, child abuse, and domestic violence. She is active in the special needs community. Additionally, she mentors a group of nursing students and is a proud Pediatric Cardiac Nurse. She is a resilient warrior and the daughter of a King (God).

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