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Tachana Joseph-Marc

Joseph, Tachana

Tachana Joseph-Marc is a skilled policy analyst who focuses primarily on criminal justice policies. She currently leads all of FPI’s criminal justice research and advocacy. In her role, Tachana has conducted research and written various thoughtful and data-driven analysis on policies such as the state’s over reliance on court fines and fees to fund its court system, its many barriers to occupational licensing opportunities for people with felony convictions, and sending children to adult’s prisons. Her works have gained state and national media coverage.

Prior to joining FPI, Tachana served as a Google Public Policy Fellow in Washington D.C., where she conducted research on Artificial Intelligence, net neutrality and broadband deployment in rural areas. Her experiences ranged from economic development initiatives, to legislative affairs and federal regulations. Tachana is a creative at heart; she curates events and works as a photographer at Marcs’ Visuals, an entertainment company that she founded in 2020. Her philanthropic endeavors can be seen in her involvement as the executive director of Marc Rejoice Foundation, an organization that strives to ameliorate prison conditions in Haiti.

Tachana holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Michigan. She received her bachelor’s degree in political science and criminology and a minor in Latin American studies from the University of Florida.

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