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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Evans St. Fort

yopro_0015_Evans St.FortEvans St. Fort

After graduating high school it was Evans’s vision to grow what his Father had started back in Haiti. So he enrolled at St. Thomas University and transitioned to Lynn University and graduated with a degree in Mortuary science, graduating second in his class. After graduating Evans encountered his first set back, not passing the board. The second time he mastered the test allowing him to move on to an internship at Fred Hunters. “I was a sponge there and learned a lot and I am very grateful. I knew I would not be there for long so I took up everything about the business”.

His funeral home resides at the location Evans found soon after his internship in North Miami Beach. Originally a Jewish only funeral home, “ I remodeled and made it my own at the age of 25” Soon after he was working Monday through Sunday and having to wear all jackets. He did all embalming, picked up human remains, cosmetics, family meetings, funeral arrangements and working funeral services, not to mention managing the business. The beginning was tough and I faced a lot of challenges, at times I did not know if I was going to make it, but I had faith that God placed me here for a reason so I never gave up and continued to work hard.

His Business now gives him the opportunity to advance in the industry by bringing modern ideas to the table and technological advances. He is now one of the industry leaders in his community. Evans has also started Cremations of South Fl and LifeLiv a foundation assisting individuals suffering with drug addiction. He plans on continuing to grow his business by helping one family at a time.

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