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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Daneweise Jean-Joseph

Daneweise Jean-Joseph (Dana Joseph) is a native Miamian with Caribbean roots. Spending the first few years of her life oversees, allowed Dana to absorb the culture of the islands while embracing the patriotism of being a native born American. The daughter of two entrepreneurs, Dana knew that her path in life was destined to be beyond a nine to five. But she also took advantage of opportunities given to her by previous employers. Her professional career led her to Higher Education Administration where she held executive positions overseeing Student Affairs Departments in various institution. During her tenure in higher ed., she found her passion in Career Services, recruiting and professional development. She took her knowledge, training and skills and created the Professional Alter Ego (PAE) workshop series. Her goal is to help prepare our black and brown kids to present and sell themselves as the bright, talented, young professionals that they are.

Dana is the Executive Director of Dana Jay Professional Services; a parent company which includes a Staffing Agency, Interpreting Company, Professional Development Training, and College Readiness Advising. She has worked with some prominent individuals in the community ranging from a Presidential Candidate, Foreign Dignitaries, and radio personalities.

After undergoing open heart surgery in 2018, Dana has vowed to not take everything so seriously and to enjoy each opportunity that she comes across. At the core of Dana’s continued success is the most important aspects of her life which she calls the 6F’s: Faith, Family, Friends, Food, Fun, and Football. “This life is the only life that I have so I plan on living it!”- Daneweise (Dana) Jean-Joseph

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