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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Josie Augustin

Josie Augustin, PhD

Josie Anne Augustin was born and raised in South Florida to first generation, Haitian immigrant parents. Being raised in a household with strong Christian and cultural values as well as a strong emphasis on education enabled her to graduate with her bachelor’s degree from Nova Southeastern University, where she majored in Psychology and Sociology and minored in Counseling. She elected to pursue her master and doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with a focus on ethnic minority populations and psychological assessment. In July of 2018, she became a licensed psychologist in the state of Florida. Josie has worked in both therapy and testing settings, but presently primarily conducts school neuropsychological or psychoeducational evaluations to provide appropriate recommendations and accommodations for every student. In addition, she attends school meetings and conducts presentations in various settings to provide psychoeducation regarding various disorders and mental health issues. Her goal is to ensure that, in what may be a standard classroom, every child has a chance at success by developing an individualized program designed to meet their profile of needs. She also continues to pursue research efforts related to ethnic minority groups, some of which extend from her dissertation: “Youn Ede Lòt”: Help-Seeking Among Haitians.” Josie’s reach extends beyond her research and clinical work, as she is heavily involved at her church and holds various leadership roles and responsibilities. Her motto throughout every season of life is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 (NKJV).

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