Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail
Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Myrlande Simeon

I am the model example of what determination looks like and what it should be like. Born of immigrant parents from Haiti on December 04, 1984 in the city of Miami and raised in the
Overtown and Little Haiti neighborhoods. I had to learn life is a challenge meant to be conquered. As a young women I was known to be a leader and have matured with that characteristic into young woman hood. Now as a mother of two girls I teach my children the core values that were taught by my parents and formulate the morals of daughters towards a positive path. I’ve demonstrated my leadership skills by receiving my first job as a member of management at the age of 17 years old working at CVS Pharmacy. Throughout my professional career I knew God had bigger plans for my life. I soon transitioned into banking where I have developed skills in expertise in finance for the Bank of America Corporation. With a running financing portfolio, I have currently closed 6.5 million in loans year to date. At Bank of America I have had the ability to make the dreams of many a reality as a Small Business Banker. Due to my record breaking performance at Bank of America I’ve held the top 1% in performance at Bank of America in the entire continental United States. In Spring of 2019 I took my business portfolio to another level and established M&R Management Group. M&R Management Group is a one stop shop for creating, maintaining, and promoting a small business. I aspires to share my knowledge with other business owners to help amplify my local economy.

My success inspires me to motivate others and help them achieve goals that are unimaginable. In the midst of working, running my own business, and motherly duties, I make sure to find time to give back by contributing in community events as a youth cheerleading coach, volunteering at Camillus House and public speaking. In 2016 I began the “Mommy and Me Networking Seminar” that was created as a networking function for small business owners that happened to be mothers. I am dedicated to my children Zanaia and Tahlia and their success. As a small girl I understood the sacrifices my parents made to give me a better opportunity and I’ve used those opportunities given to thrive and provide the best life to my children. I believe in excellence and being the best in everything you do. I strongly believe “failure is not the end but rather the beginning of the next attempt”. I encourage all people to be the best at what you do so that you may be an essential component in all business and personal endeavors that one chooses pursue. As a believer in positive energy I often tell my clients, “When you walk in a room make sure your presence is noticed” in addition, “because your aura speaks before you do”. One of my
most commonly used sayings is “stand ten toes down because the wind and storms come strong”.

I am blessed to have this opportunity to become your next YoPro and would love to be a great component to the HACOFF Organization.

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