Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail
Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Shirley Dorsainvil

She serves as the Founder and Creative Director of online community Haitians Who Blog, an online space showcasing Haitian creatives and entrepreneurs while hosting networking events and workshops to encourage content creation and entrepreneurship in major cities where individuals of Haitian descent reside. Through this network she provides advertising and marketing services to help small businesses reach creatives and influencers in their community. She is the curator of Haitian Art Strokes, an online community encouraging and exposing art curators and art directors of Haitian descent. While, serving as the Executive Director of Haitian Queens Platform, a social organization that supports women of color in New York through sisterhood and by creating networking opportunities, quarterly outings, and community service in the community. She is taking over online communities on Instagram by showcasing creatives and entrepreneurs of Haitian descent while providing a safe space for women to create meaningful networks throughout New York.

By day, Shirley Dorsainvil spends her time serving minority children with developmental disorders. Her passion is working with children with unique abilities, families, and couples through providing psychotherapeutic services to underserved and underrepresented populations. Overall, She aspires to be a cause for aspiration and inspiration with her motto being “I aspire to inspire through building a sense of community and developing online networks”.

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