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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Pascale Duvalsaint

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Pascale Duvalsaint is a compassionate Primary Care Physician based in South Florida. With roots in New York State, she completed her undergraduate and medical degrees before being drawn to Miami’s vibrant culture, landscape, and population during the residency interview process. She secured a position at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital, specializing in Family Medicine.

Driven by a passion for serving underserved communities, Dr. Duvalsaint actively works in both clinical and community settings. She volunteers at health fairs, mentors youth, and focuses on populations that are often overlooked. Additionally, she serves as the Co-chair for the Women In Medicine Group within CIR, organizing events to promote education, well-being, and advancement for women in the medical field.

Outside of medicine, Dr. Duvalsaint indulges in artistic endeavors, including drawing, painting, and personalized art projects. Her commitment to South Florida remains strong as she continues to provide comprehensive primary care.

Her own experience as a cancer patient during medical training has deeply influenced her practice. Dr. Duvalsaint prioritizes compassionate and holistic care, recognizing the impact of the healthcare delivery approach on patient outcomes. She strives to create an environment where patients feel comfortable sharing their overlooked barriers and concerns.

With an unwavering commitment to her community, Dr. Duvalsaint combines her love for art and medicine to make a positive impact. Her energy, dedication, and desire for improvement drive her efforts to uplift and serve the community she cares for.

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