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Daphnée Charles

Daphnée Charles

Daphnée Charles is a Haiti-based seasoned professional graduated from “Université Quisqueya” with a scholarship of excellence from the Haitian Education and leadership Program (HELP).

In 2010 Daphnée completed a fellowship program at Dartmouth College, an Ivy League Institution, and the Bridge program of the Tuck Business School of Dartmouth in 2012.

Freshly after graduation, she led the production of a theme song and a national awareness campaign around climate change and the protection of biodiversity in Haiti:

Daphnee is currently working as a development officer for HELP and oversees fundraising for the organization with the objective to tackle one of the greatest challenges in Haiti which is Access to higher education. Haiti has one of the smallest University enrollment rates worldwide: 1% along one of the highest brain drain in the world: 84%. Daphnee strongly believes that improving the situation of the country requires a more educated leadership and this, is undeniably tied to improving education as part of a national program.

Daphnee is very engaged in the Haitian community and is particularly involved with projects locally such the Haiti Tech Summit, the largest Tech Summit in the Caribbean and Startup Grind PAP, a platform that allows successful entrepreneurs to share their journey with young entrepreneurs on a monthly basis. The first Startup Grind chapter under Daphnée’s leadership has grown from one chapter in Port-au – Prince to five chapters respectively in Cap Haitian, Les Cayes, Jeremie and Saint Marc. These monthly gatherings give a special and consistent opportunity to young entrepreneurs to network, to connect with resources, to inspire and empower each other.

Daphnee comes from a very modest family where her both mother and father did not finish secondary school, but she is inspired by her mother entrepreneurial skills, a street seller which has allowed her and her siblings to be first generation to ever finish high school and to graduate from college. Daphnée’s brothers and sisters are all currently working and living in Haiti.

After three years as the Chapter Director of Startup Grind, Daphnée is thrilled to have transformed these events from a training and networking setting for entrepreneurs to a broader platform to teach the Haitian community on various subjects. The brightest Haitian minds are unfortunately living outside of the country and they have an incredible opportunity to contribute to the education of the Haitian people. Daphnee is leveraging the network created along the way to bridge Haitians both from Haiti and abroad, giving the educated Haitian diaspora community another meaningful way to contribute to the country beyond the remittances.

Daphnee made the list of the Fondation Lorquet pour une Nouvelle Haiti in 2017 as one of the top 10 most influential women in Haiti.

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