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Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Emmanuella Fleurimont

Emmanuella Fleurimont

Emmanuella Fleurimont (Manoue) born in Port u- Prince Haiti with Haitian mother and father. She raised in Dominican Republic and completed her education in both country. She master 4 different language English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole.

Those who love helping the community would be great admirers of the works of Emmanuella Fleurimon (Manoue) After all, she’s the president and founder of MJD wellness and Community Center and MJD Nutrition Club. Her job is to educates and help individual with health care and social services need But Manoue is more than just a Health care advocate she is also Host in different TV and Radio to increase wellness awareness in her community.

Presently she is doing her Master in Health and wellness at Liberty University. Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science Psychology, graduated with in Association Degree in Health Care Management at ATI, she also obtain more that 20 different certificates on health and wellness education such as Tobacco Quit smoking, Diabetes peer trainer, HIV/Aids Counseling and so one.

Before she immigrated to USA in 2009 she completed 5year in General Medicine at Universidad Technological de Santiago (UTSA) Dominican Republic. She Graduated, in Communication and Information at UNAPEC University Dominican Republic. Secretary Executive and Administrative at CENTU Institute Dominican Republic.

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