Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail
Phone: (305) 733-9066 | E-mail:

Ezra Dieuveille

Ezra Dieuveille is the Founder and CEO of Baton Youth Services, LLC. He was born and raised in Little Haiti, FL by his loving Haitian parents. He graduated from Miami Northwestern Sr. High and later graduated from Miami Dade College with his A.S. degree. After Miami Dade College, Mr. Dieuveille went on to pursue and acquire his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management at Barry University.
A few years as a working professional, Mr. Dieuveille wanted to focus more on his passion in helping young people in the inner city. In 2011, He had the great opportunity to work in a small nonprofit organization called Gang Alternative, Inc. also known as “G.A”. He was able to thrive at GA as he worked with thousands of young people from various schools in Miami Dade County. The initiatives and programs he led/managed ranged from faith-based programs, afterschool programs, in-school life skill programs, summer camps, summer internships, community enviromental strategies, youth leadership trainings, and so much more. During his time at GA, Mr. Dieuveille went back to school and obtained his master’s degree in public administration from Barry University. Ezra was part of the core leadership team that contributed to Gang Alternative becoming a multi-million-dollar organization that it is today.

In December of 2018, Mr. Dieuveille took a leap of faith to begin building Baton Youth Services, LLC. This organization will help get young people to be excited about their future. Because when young people are excited about their future, they handle the present with more focus and commitment. Accomplishing this will help decrease truancy, youth substance abuse, and other risk factors. At Baton Youth Services, we plan to increase young people’s self-esteem, life skills, academic success, knowledge in financial literacy, help students find their purpose and connect them to a mentor to advise them on how to accomplish that purpose. We will accomplish this through our initiative called “School To CEO Pipeline” where we conduct engaging and interactive workshops for young people (Middle and High School students). We want to help reverse the curse of school to prison pipeline by building a system that helps young people have a better chance at becoming a CEO or a professional of their choosing rather than the current reality of young people being pushed into the criminal justice system. Our workshop is designed to spark critical thinking, creativity, career interest, and an atmosphere where young people can cast a vision for their future.

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