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Farrel Alain Liger

Farrel Alain Liger was born November 27th 1986 at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Liger grew up in a middle-class family with naturalized Haitian American parents Ferdinand and Marguarette Liger. He was the first of five siblings to Reginald, Dinah, Jasmine and Marc. The Liger family atmosphere was a very tight nit, God fearing, loving and competitive one. As Ferdinand, Farrel’s father, would say,” Every institution is based on the foundation of the family model.” That model and environment was cultivated by Marguarette Liger. Farrel has a very close relationship with his mother. She taught him early that, “when you bless others God blesses you even more.” Also, she taught him about the importance of saving and budgeting. He always knew that his purpose was service. He would look for a path that would allow him to fulfill that calling. Early on he was an aspiring physician. In Farrel’s senior year in college he realized that he did not like blood or needles. He would complete his degree and pivot to pursue a career path in finance.
Farrel would go on to receive his life health and variable annuity license 2-15 and his mortgage license in 2010. With his previous experience of working at Bank of America in 2007, Farrel would secure a position at JPMorgan Chase Bank in 2011. Afterwards, Farrel would go on to work at Morgan Stanley and Guardian Life in Miami, FL. Farrel would eventually move to New York in 2014 to work at Forte Capital Group as a broker on Wall Street.

In life we have several defining moments, two of which are when you were born and when you find out why? Farrel knew that his God given purpose was service early on in his life. Even though his career is as Wall Street Banker, his calling is to positively impact the lives of others. On September 9th 2009 Farrel Liger founded the Foundation of the World, with his brother Reginald Liger and two friends. The mission of the Foundation is to provide tools and educational resources to underserved communities. The vision of the Foundation is to see a world free from poverty. The target areas are Education, Health and Wealth. Through this we can create opportunities and everlasting impact on youth around the world.

With programs such as the March for Education and Progress & Accelerated Change through Technology (PACT) the Foundation of the World has been executing their purpose. Now as we prepare to launch Education Pays and the home ownership education certification course, we will assist individuals in the home ownership process and they may qualify for down payment assistance after completing the course. If we can empower the world with education, we can create the leaders of tomorrow today.

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