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Kenel Sicar

Kenel Sicar

Kenel Sicar is an accountant, entrepreneur, community activist, and a director for his men’s ministry at his local church, the Faith Center. Born in Nassau, the Bahamas, at the age of 10, Kenel Sicar migrated to South Florida with his parents. He is the 6th of 9 siblings. Being born in the Bahamas of Haitian immigrants was not easy, but with hardly a high school education, his dad created a business, which opened a door for them to move to America for a better life.

Kenel has an MBA with a concentration in Finance, from Nova Southeastern University Graduate School of Business, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Kaplan University. He is the first of his siblings to attend college, and in the process of finishing his second Master’s degree in Cyber Security Law. He is an accountant working in the Finance department at Nova Southeastern University.

Kenel currently has a business consulting agency, called Sicar, Inc., that helps small business entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. Sicar, Inc. specializes in small business startups, digital marketing, and branding strategies. He has helped over 50 clients within the Haitian community to start their business. Within the Haitian community Kenel has helped setup a non-profit start up called The God’s Grace. This organization focus is to help find resources for Haitian senior citizens throughout South Florida and is working on an elderly center project in Haiti. The focus of this project is to help house elderly persons in a small town called Thomassique, Haiti. His passion is helping guide tomorrow next leaders with the tools needed to be successful. His future goals is getting his CFA to educate young Haitian Americans, and other young individuals learn the importance of financial literacy, and using what they have to build and create wealth.

Although Kenel does a lot of community engagement, especially with young professionals in South Florida, his biggest passion is giving back to the Haitian community in South Florida, the Bahamas, and Haiti. While he currently resides in South Florida, he saw a need and a lack of representation for the Haitian community in the Bahamas, especially for the kids of Haitian parents. Kenel led several relief efforts for the Haitian community by creating donation drives for school supplies. and raising funds for hurricane victims. His latest project was during Hurricane Dorian, where he teamed up with Hanna and several other NGOs South Florida and the Bahamas in supplying aid to the communities in shelters and displaced locations. Kenel’s goal is not to be seen, but to fill the gap where help is needed.

Kenel is the founder for BHD (Bahamian Haitian Descent) United with over 35K followers, and over 100K engagements in different topics monthly on Facebook. BHD started as a blog that shows the best parts of being a Haitian around the world because some young Haitians, especially in the Bahamas, were at one point ashamed of being called Haitians. The goal of the blog is to encourage young professionals to embrace their heritage and network with other Haitian professional around the world.
One quote Kenel lives by is “life is a journey not a destination.”

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