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Manoushka Reunide Remogene

Manoushka Remogene

Manoushka Reunide Remogene, is a Haitian American business executive, entrepreneur, and mentor. She is the founder and president of Immaculate Careers LLC, an executive search firm, based in Aventura, Florida. She is also the Director of Human Resources and Financial Control for The Cobblers, a start-up scaling and exciting company making huge strides in the Haute Couture industry.

Ms. Manoushka is the founder of the Miss Business Global Pageant Scholarship Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that provides mentorship for young women. Pageant contenders receive scholarships to complete their undergraduate education. They also obtain training on soft skills such as etiquette, leadership, self-esteem, public speaking, etc.

Ms. Manoushka won numerous beauty contests before her foray into the business world. She is known as the “pageant queen” in the pageantry contending industry. Her platform is advocating for women in the areas of entrepreneurship and education. She is actively involved in syndicated philanthropy and she supports women entrepreneurs and future business leaders through her pageantry.

Ms. Manoushka earned her Bachelor of Business degree from the University of Phoenix in 2016. She is currently advancing her education to obtain a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, with emphasis on Business Law.

She is a woman with a vision and passion to strive for success. She is self-motivated, trustworthy, dependable, personable, and professional in her dealings her clients and the public. She is highly respected in the community for her exemplary character, business acumen and leadership skills. She has acquired a diverse body of knowledge and experience, through her extensive networks and travels.

Ms. Manoushka is a mother of three lovely children.

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