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Severine Vieux

Severine Vieux

Severine Vieux, is currently the CFO at Nearpod, a private equity backed education technology based in Fort Lauderdale, where she is responsible for the finance, accounting, human resources and legal departments. Severine led Nearpod’s first M&A transaction in 2019, when the company acquired Flocabulary, an education technology focused on teaching vocabulary and literacy through hip-hop music.

Severine started her finance career at Deloitte, where she spent over 9 years as a financial statement auditor serving and advising fortune 1,000 companies in both Miami and New York City. During her time at Deloitte, Severine consistently was viewed as a high performer and was selected on multiple occasions to participate in leadership development programs, including Deloitte Emerging Leadership Program, which provided training and coaching to minorities to support them in climbing the leadership ladder within the financial industry.

Severine has also held financial leadership roles at the Burger King Corporation, and at CareCloud, a Miami-based healthcare SaaS company, where she made the transition from Corporate to start-ups. She has both a strong expertise and a successful track record in financial reporting and forecasting, technical accounting, and training and mentoring younger financial professionals.

Severine is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Information Systems from Boston College, and a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Florida. While studying Severine always stayed connected to her roots and helped support the Haitian community wherever she went. In Boston, she volunteered on a weekly basis over the course of a year at the Catholic Charities where she gave Haitian adults who had recently immigrated to the United States, GRE and Literacy classes. Further, while pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Florida, she worked as a Teacher Assistant where she taught a Haitian creole class to college students, with the majority being of Haitian origin.

Born and raised in Haiti, Severine is fluent in French and Haitian creole. Severine now lives in Miami with her husband and two children, and when not working or volunteering, she enjoys cooking, going to soccer games, and spending quality time with her family

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