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YoPro Class of 2023

The Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Florida (HACCOF) is proud to present its “Top 20 Under 40” Class of 2023. We proudly honor the Top Young Haitian American Professionals (YoPros) in the State of Florida, all under the age of 40, for their remarkable professional achievements in their respective industries, civic leadership, and community engagement.

A cluster of forward-thinking professionals with energy, creativity, and brilliance, HACCOF YoPros illustrate excellence in professionalism, cultural pride, and commitment in advancing the Haitian American community in Florida.

After careful consideration, the committee selected the top 20 most outstanding individuals for its Eighth Annual YoPro Award Ceremony. We invite the entire community to join us in celebrating this exceptional group of Young Haitian American Professionals at the September 23, 2023, ceremony.

Meet our "Top 20 Under 40" Class of 2023 Honoree

Close-up portrait of a smiling young woman named Gabriella Alexis, with glowing skin, wearing minimal makeup and a white outfit, accessorized with stud earrings and a delicate necklace. She is posing with her hand gently touching her cheek, against a lush green foliage backdrop.

Gabriella Alexis

Headshot of a woman named Naomie Baptiste, with sleek, shoulder-length hair and professional attire, exuding confidence and composure.

Naomie Baptiste

Headshot of a man named Victor Demesmin Jr., with a warm smile, wearing a blue patterned suit and gold tie, radiating professionalism and approachability.

Victor Demesmin Jr.

Professional headshot of a woman named Pascale Duvalsaint, with shoulder-length curly hair, a radiant smile, and wearing a white lab coat, indicating a healthcare or scientific profession.

Pascale Duvalsaint

Professional portrait of a man named Jean-Dominique Foureau, with a beaming smile, wearing a navy suit and a lavender tie.

Jean-Dominique Foureau

Geden Franck

Portrait of Eurica Ketant, with styled waves in her hair, pearl earrings, a striped blouse, and a vibrant pink blazer, displaying a professional and cheerful demeanor.

Eurica Ketant

Close-up portrait of Sherline Lexime, with a warm smile, wearing professional attire and a necklace with green stones, exuding confidence and friendliness

Sherline Lexime

Stephanie Maisonneuve

Chantal Manigat

Emmy Maurilus

A professional headshot of Geraldine Montilus, with soft wavy hair, wearing pearl earrings and a pearl necklace, and a houndstooth-patterned blazer.

Geraldine Montilus

Portrait of Kyle Phanord with a bright smile, sporting a clean-shaven head, wearing a light blue shirt, and a gold chain necklace.

Kyle Phanord

Kevin Phanord

A professional headshot of Reno Pierre with a beaming smile, dressed in a navy blue suit with a red polka dot tie.

Reno Pierre

Vanessa Pierre

Portrait of Anne Piervil with a joyful smile, wearing a white and black trimmed top, set against a background with a geometric pattern.

Anne Piervil

A professional portrait of Nadine Saint-Louis, featuring her with a beaming smile, stylishly tied-up hair, polka dot blouse, blazer, and hoop earrings.

Nadine Saint-Louis

Headshot of Shavon Saint Preux with a cheerful smile, wearing a white shirt and a chunky gold necklace, her hair styled with bangs.

Shavon Saint Preux

William Saintilus

Leadership Hall of Fame Recipients

Portrait of Dr. Carmel J. Barrau in a lab coat, with glasses, a blue-striped shirt, and a red-striped tie, conveying a professional and knowledgeable demeanor.

Dr. Carmel J. Barrau

Portrait of Pascal DesRoches with a friendly smile, bald head, wearing a blue shirt and patterned blazer.

Pascal DesRoches, MBA

Official portrait of Markenzy Lapointe, Esq., with a confident smile, in a suit and tie, with an American flag in the background.

Markenzy Lapointe, Esq

Portrait of Vedner Guerrier, MBA, LSSBB, with a gentle smile, wearing a pinstripe suit and a pastel tie.

Vedner Guerrier, MBA, LSSBB

Reginald DesRoches

Daniel Fils-Aime Entrepreneur Award

Villy Choute

This award is given to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments and significant contributions in the fields of culture and philanthropy.

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